Online Yoga Classes

18.00 Therapeutic Yoga
Numbers are limited to allow more individual attention.
The central focus is on a different area / aspect of the body-mind each week of the month, and we’ll also include areas and issues students need or would like to work on.
Suitable for all levels, for those with health conditions, recovering from illness or injury, and/or who do not want to push themselves too hard.

PROPS REQUIRED: preferably at least a yoga mat. If you do not have other yoga props (bolster, blocks, etc), other items you can use are cushions / pillows, blankets, books, dressing gown belt.
Here is a video to provide some ideas on using common household items as yoga props.

Drop in classes are £12
A pass for 5 classes £40 (valid for 2 months)

BOOKING is essential. You can cancel up to 24 hours before the class. You’ll receive a link to register for the class and a further link and password to join the class on Zoom.
I recommend using a desktop or laptop. A phone or tablet can work, but the view is very limited and the screen rather small to be able see what’s going on. On a mobile device you will also have to download Zoom App.

If you’d like me to give you suggestions / modification / verbal adjustments, please make sure I can see you clearly, the camera is positioned at about table height to show your whole mat and that you are well illuminated (i.e. from a light behind or beside the camera (if the light is behind you I will only see your silhouette). You may need to adjust the angle up/down, as we move between the floor and standing.

If you have any medical conditions or something in particular you want me to know about, please log in 10-15 minutes before the class begins, to have a chat with me. If you have a more complex condition I should be aware of, you can send me an email beforehand.

You will initially be in a virtual waiting room, until I let you in to the main session. Then we can make sure your connection, audio and visual all work and I can let you know what props to have nearby.

Do remember that your main job is to take care of yourself. Yoga is a wonderful tool for self-care, if used wisely. It is about learning to listen to the signals from the body and respond when it tells you to pull back from a stretch, or rest when it is tired. The right practice will leave you feeling both relaxed and energised.