Yoga Therapy & Cognitive Hypnotherapy in East London & Online with Anna Blackmore

Welcome to YogaBodyMind and thank you for your interest in my work with Cognitive Hypnotherapy, NLPYoga, and Yoga Therapy for healing through body, mind and spirit.

I have a background of working as an osteopath and shiatsu therapist, as well as a yoga teacher and hypnotherapist. I now bring all the strands of my training and experience together to help people find relief and healing for physical and psycho-emotional problems. These can range from physical pain, injury or internal organ dysfunctions to anxiety, phobias, depression, low confidence or self worth. My aim is to give you the tools to enable you to find your way from pain, suffering, unhappiness to ease of being, joy and self discovery.

I offer a free, initial, no-obligation telephone chat to help us both decide if we feel we can work together. Contact Anna

The techniques, collectively under the banner of Yoga, cultivate self-knowledge through the physical, energetic, mental/emotional and spiritual aspects of being. However, ‘yoga’ can ultimately be anything that helps us discover our True Self.

Cognitive hypnotherapy and NLP are about learning to use the mind more effectively, as a tool for living – truly becoming its master, rather than its victim, and harnessing its power to realise your goals.

In the sessions we explore together techniques for mind and body, which I select and adapt for your specific needs and desired outcomes, so that you can easily use them for yourself. Thus our sessions are something of a shared journey of exploration, by which we can discover what works best for you, as a unique individual. No two people, with apparently the same problem or diagnosis, will do the problem in the same way. Your responses and feedback, with my observations, help us to compile a customised set of practices to fit your goals, lifestyle, time and commitment. You then have your own personalised ‘toolbox’ to support, reinforce and further the work we do together.

Obviously, the will to change has to come from within. I will be your guide and support, but you are always in charge and you get from the sessions and practices what you choose to put in.

You can view and download some free samples of practices for different purposes.
I am based in Dalston / Stoke Newington, London N16, UK and can see clients both in person and online.