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Relaxation, Healing & Sleep

A PDF of restorative poses
plus a hypno-relaxation MP3
for relaxation and to promote healing
and good sleep.

Yoga For Fertility pdf

A PDF of information and practices
plus a hypnotherapy MP3
to help support women who are trying to conceive.

A Resilient Spine pdf

A  floor sequence to mobilise, release and strengthen the back. Suitable for beginners as well as anyone wanting to maintain a healthy, resilient spine.

Kitchen Yoga Pick and Mix pdf

A selection of poses to do while waiting for the kettle to boil. Ideal for those who have difficulty establishing a home practice. Just pick 1-2 poses.
You will be amazed at how big a difference even just 1 minute of practice makes.

Heart Clearing Meditation pdf

A short sequence of preparation stretches to free the chest and upper back, along with instructions for a visualisation meditation to help release negative emotions.

Ski-fit Yoga: Avant Ski pdf

Get into good shape for skiing and warm up before hitting the slopes. This routine will help maximise energy, avoid injuries and enable you to enjoy the exhilaration of skiing even more.

Kapalbhati Cleansing Breath pdf

Instructions with pictures on how to do this abdominal pumping breath, which has so many wonderful benefits.