Yoga As Therapy For Back Problems March & June 2020, London, UK.

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Learn how to integrate people with back problems into classes and/or how to assess different people with different kinds of back problem and holistically apply suitable yoga techniques for the koshas of body, breath/vital energy and mind.

This training takes place at Yoga Campus, Thane Works, Finsbury Park, London, UK.

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This is a 4 day training on using yoga as therapy for back problems (£400). It is separated into 2 levels, taking place on two separate weekends, which can also be done individually, as stand alone workshops (£215 each).

This is not a one size fits all view of therapy for back pain, but a tailored and holistic approach. You will learn about some of the most common conditions affecting the back, how to determine which yoga asanas could work for DIFFERENT individuals with similar conditions and which to avoid.

We will also include how to work effectively with breath and techniques for the mind (using the koshas), in order to help relieve pain, mobilise and strengthen the spine, rehabilitation and problem prevention.


WEEKEND 1 – March 28-29th
Integrating students with back problems into classes
This workshop will contain theory, as well as practical work, and is aimed at yoga teachers and trainee teachers.

  • Anatomy and pathology of common conditions such as; herniated disc, facet joint sprain, sciatica, arthritis, common postural imbalances
  • Red flag symptoms and contraindications
  • The koshas – the levels of being
  • Posture and the physical and psychological aspects of common postural imbalances
  • Corrective sequences for common postural imbalances
  • How to maintain the integrity of the spine in sitting
  • Pain relief
  • Relaxation positions and techniques
  • Movements and poses for different types of problem
  • Breath work for healing and stress relief

WEEKEND 2 – June 13-14th
One to one / small group yoga therapy for back problems
This weorkshop will also contain both theory and practical work and is aimed at experienced yoga teachers and yoga therapists, working one to one and in small therapeutic groups.

  • Further conditions including sacroiliac joint dysfunction, spondylolisthesis, scoliosis,kyphosis, lordosis, osteoporosis
  • Detailed postural and movement assessment and recording
  • Specialised movement approaches and poses for different types of problem
  • Simple hands on bodywork techniques derived from osteopathy
  • Acupressure points to help release energy blocks
  • Prana vayus and the breathing mechanism
  • Pranayama and balancing the energy body
  • Engaging and directing the healing power of mind

• Attendance at both weekends
• Successful completion of written course assignments

“Thanks a lot for the workshop last weekend. It was brilliant…lots of information. I can’t believe you used to run that as a one day workshop! I wonder if you would consider making it even longer? Maybe two weekends?” 2017

“Excellent balance of information, experiential work; very good structure re-eliciting our aims / needs, presenting info and giving us interactive experiences, then a chance to apply what we’d learned and get feedback on this.” 2018

“I thought Anna was great, she really knows her stuff and shared her knowledge with us in a clear, straight forward and fun way. I really enjoyed the course and learnt a lot!” 2018

3 reviews for Yoga As Therapy For Back Problems March & June 2020, London, UK.

  1. Anna Blackmore

    Comments from previous participants:
    Thanks a lot for the workshop last weekend. It was brilliant…lots of information. I can’t believe you used to run that as a one day workshop! I wonder if you would consider making it even longer? Maybe two weekends? – Laura P

    I have really benefitted from your course, both in my practice and teaching. Thank you. – Beverley Prevatt G

    Thank you for a very informative workshop last weekend! I’m excited to use some of the variations on my students 🙂 – Rhian S

    Thank you for a really useful two-day course at Yogacampus. I’ve already put many of your techniques into practice with my clients. – Anna H

    Thank you so much for a brilliant weekend. I really enjoyed the whole experience on so many different levels and different reasons.
    I have only ever wanted people to be safe, to feel better and to only ever have the best experience of yoga. Everything you taught to us made sense and it gave me confidence. Confidence that what I have taught in my classes so far is correct. You have given to me, through your own experience, a better understanding of peoples issues and a more improved set of skills to use with them. – Carole G

    i really much enjoyed the course which was very professionally explained! thank you very much! – Caroline P

    Thank you for an extremely enjoyable and informative course this weekend!  I’m looking forward to taking control of my own back injury using some of the techniques you taught. – Sarah C

  2. Jessica Clark

    I would highly recommend the ‘Yoga As Therapy For Back Problems’ workshop for teachers needing to support students with back issues. We looked at common conditions causing back pain, how to observe a student’s posture and movement range in order to assess their specific problem, and the best course of action to relieve pain in a range of cases. The weekend was informative and fun, and has given me the tools and confidence to support students in a safe way. It was great to learn from a teacher with the depth of knowledge that Anna has, thank you!!

  3. Deborah Graham

    I attended Anna’s Yoga as Therapy for Back Problems a couple of years ago at Yogacampus Manchester. I cannot recommend this training highly enough; I quickly integrated what I had learned into my own practice and from there have been able to take it into my teaching. I have so much more confidence now when teaching my students with back problem and am more able to identify what may feel good to them and what may not. I even have some tools to know what to do with a student who turns up to class with pain and limited mobility.
    My own back has probably never felt better, I find myself saying to people that I used to have a back problem. My mindset has changed because when I get a twinge or an ache now I know I can deal with it.

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