Practical philosophy of Healing 16-17th June 2018, London, UK


Workshop exploring the five koshas as levels of being, the association of the prana vayus with the breathing mechanism and the role of the mind in health and dis-ease.
At Yoga Campus, Thane Works, Finsbury Park, London.

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Marc Beuvain and I will be teaching again our popular weekend on how to apply the concepts of yoga philosophy and models to yoga as therapy, at Yoga Campus in Finsbury Park

I will guide you through experiences of the koshas – the 5 levels of being to gain understanding of these in ourselves and how to use them to determine which yoga techniques are most appropriate for addressing particular issues. We will also explore the prana vayus, using practical, experiential exercises alone, in pairs and small groups and learn how to assess breathing using the vayus and how to direct prana to where it is most deficient.

Marc will be focusing on the role of the mind, how we use it to create both ease and dis-ease in ourselves and how the tools of yoga can channel the power of mind in more constructive and useful ways.

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  1. Anna Blackmore


    “In both sessions exercises were brilliant – working on a deep intimate level with Marc and with Anna, incredibly enlightening exercises with breath and partners – analyzing, providing ‘solutions’, all in a very enjoyable and convivial way. All exercises were also really reinforcing the theory. A really useful weekend for any serious yogi in my opinion. BOTH DAYS FLEW BY!” – Colleen

    “I enjoy very much! The favourite thing is doing practice (yoga) concentrated with the philosophy of the tradition (hatha yoga).” – Camilla

    “The philosophy and its connection to a deeper “yoga”, Small window into deeper experience of yoga away from the mat, Linking of techniques into simple physical is great.” – Michael

    “Found both teachers very clear and inspiring. Mark was refreshingly original, I love his insight and honesty. Anna was wonderful, a very interesting teacher – thank you both.” – Claire

    “Both Marc and Anna presented themselves professionally and very approachable. Their knowledge on the subjects captured my attention and left me wanting to learn more and book onto more courses…. watch this space” – Havva

    “Very informative course with amazing teachers who taught what could be very hard to understand subject matter in a very accessible way that has piqued my interest. I will be attending many more courses with Yoga Campus.” Caroline

    “Mark presented challenging material in an accessible way. It was really interesting stuff and a great introduction to the practice of yoga therapy. An important reminder of the true intention behind yoga. Anna was also an excellent knowledgeable teacher who left me feeling grounded and uplifted.” – Sian

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